Against the Grain

James Dayhuff is a simple woman: She likes to build things, she likes the house flipping business she owns with her two best friends Mia and Darby, and she likes her cat. Not on that list: Meeting new women she has to impress, or—god forbid—talk to.

Zee Aliu is a not entirely a complicated woman, per se: She likes plenty of things—peace, quiet, and when situations go her way. There’s no room in her life for anything but the expected with the full-time caretaking job she already has. Not even when a cute woman begins making a racket flipping a house next door.

When James meets Zee at a speed dating event on New Year’s Eve—it was Darby’s idea—she makes quite a first impression with a spilled drink, accidentally saying her name is Jagerbomb (never going to live that down), and, coincidentally, being the cute woman making all the racket.

Will James’ shyness ever warm up enough to melt the ice queen next door’s heart?

Against the Grain is the first in a trio of Flippin’ Fantastic romances about the three women who own and operate Flippin’ Fantastic Renovations. Put down the power tools for a moment and curl up with this romantic comedy perfect for Valentine’s Day.


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Against The Grain

Bryce Oakley

Bryce grew up in the mountains of Colorado with a taste for adventure and a head full of clouds. She never grew out of either.

She lives in Denver with her partner, two adorable rescue dogs, and a very opinionated cat.

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