The Adventurers

Love is the adventure no one sees coming.

Joey Moore got her heart stomped on. At her engagement party. So, she did what any normal, completely rational 28-year-old would do — she moved to a new city with her dog to start a new life. Without much of a plan, it turns out.

Kendall O’Hara doesn’t enjoy chaos — at 42-years-old, she has a stable job and two cats she likes more than most people. Okay, all people. She likes routine (and yelling the correct Jeopardy answers right before the contestants do). She’s not boring. She’s just protecting her still-healing heart decades later.

When Joey and Kendall’s paths cross, a rocky start with an accidental laundry switch turns into an unlikely friendship. From there, the two friends make a pact to get out of their comfort zones, one piece of paper drawn from an “Adventure Jar” at a time. A growing mutual attraction leads them on an adventure that neither one might have expected…


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The Adventurers

Bryce Oakley

Bryce grew up in the mountains of Colorado with a taste for adventure and a head full of clouds. She never grew out of either.

She lives in Denver with her partner, two adorable rescue dogs, and a very opinionated cat.

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